Text & illustrations CE.Harris

Tabadaf’s Amazing Odyssey


Tabadaf is so much more than a cute little book written for children under 10 years old!
It has become an adventure in itself with several linking projects in order to help vulnerable children around the globe fulfill their education… This book is thus addressed to all kids around the planet, their parents and their grandparents, primary school teachers and all children’s carers.

The objective is to identify an NGO that helps vulnerable children so that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Tabadaf ‘s Amazing Odyssey can contribute towards the NGOs mission. Thank you to contact clekharris@gmail.com if you can recommend a suitable charity.



CE. Harris wrote and illustrated this story for her own children when they were very little. “Tabadaf’s Amazing Odyssey” is the story of a curious young giraffe who, after having a strange dream, sets off to discover whether the world is as flat as a pancake.
Tabadaf’s journey is full of surprises and encounterd with colourful characters including Mr Snake, Mr Camel, and Mr Bird. Along the way we accompany Tabadaf across a desert, over a sea, through a city, up a mountain and beyond! Will our young friend find the edge of the world?



Journalist, born in Switzerland in 1968, C.E.Harris lived in Belgium, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Great Britain. She has been painting since childhood. Since 2015 she has been organizing readings and workshops for children with the aim of developing writing and creativity.